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The Anti Anti Tony Stark Network. What is this? So, there’s been a lot of negativity that I’ve seen recently stemming from the “discourse” between pro tony and anti tony people. Tumblr, anytime two guys so much as look at each other:. anti stony anti tony stark op stevebucky pairings steeb buckaroo. 1,418 notes. Reblog. peter. Anyone who is Team Iron Man knows that we need to keep Tony Stark as far away from that arrogant walking piece of propaganda as possible. the funny thing about ir0nstr4nge is that str4nge takes even less of t0nky’s shit than steve does, and yet shippers are convinced he treats t0nkitus better. straight from the get-go str4nge calls him a douchebag and mans picked the timeline where t0nk died. but ok. This Tumblr gives me life. I wrote a story about Laura Barton's perspective on CACW and a year later I still keep getting and deleting nasty comments from Tony Stans on it. Ironically, he's the hero of the story! I just needed to vent and to red some comments from people who. anti tony stark anti tony stans; Anonymous: I think that'll be okay! It kind of takes place outside of our current society?? I can't explain things smh lol but obviously I'm going to try to find a way to reach more people to get a fuller picture of how to represent people outside of my experiences.

Marvel in 2025: Thanos is actually the reincarnation of Tony Stark who travelled back in time and decided to kill off half the universe because Bucky killed his parents! He also just knew he had to. people ship stony in the year of our lord 2019???? even though right off the bat tony antagonizes about sensitive subjects??? even when tony tried to kill steve’s best friend?? even when tony put all of the people who fought with steve in a maximum security prison??? even when tony would rather let the world end than reach out to steve. tony stank hate blog pro endgame steve rogers. This user was a manipulative abuser. So I'm turning this blog into an anti-Tony Stark blog. Fuck you Dany. tony stark, who has the intelligence AND the money AND the technology to make life easier for millions, if not billions: perfect time to retire. I’m going to live in a lakeside cabin where no one can ever find me.

I just came across this gifset that I really didn’t want to ever see again. You know the one where “apparently” Tony embodies Captain America’s values and ideals better than Steve in CW there’s a gif.

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